Saturday, July 12, 2008

Forest Fires move through Tassajara

The forest fires traveled through Tassajara valley over the past few days and the reports are, that while the land is charred just a few small buildings have been destroyed.  The 5 people remaining on site are isolated for now while the fires burn to the north closing off the road access.  They continue to protect the sanctuary of Tassajara from spot burns and other hazards.  I wonder if this Jizo will have a charred beanie and smokey smell the next time I see him.  I hope he has been successful in protecting the small creatures of the valley too!
I'm so relieved that Tassajara, my dharma home has not been burned and destroyed.  The benefit of the fire has been personal.  What is important?  What is courageous? What is truely the reality of the present?  These are the questions that the fire at Tassajara enjoins me to face.  

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