Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A notion to start sewing

Two sewing projects have been calling.  One to help a friend begin with hand sewing a Rakasu (a traditional Soto Buddhist variation on Buddha's Robe) and the other to explore having a relationship with a very old Mocha long-bed singer sewing machine that I picked up at a yard sale last year.

Both projects I am happy to announce are underway.  The Rakasu face is marked on the fabric and ready to cut and I have been merrily repairing anything that needs sewing repairs with the sewing machine.

Great joy is found in simple step by step - steps....
Vintage 301A Singer Sewing Machine


sanderling said...

I've got a sewing project coming that would be made much easier by a machine. But I don't know how, and the only person I knew who did was my mother, now nearly 11 years gone. Perhaps I should go looking for a cast off, if you think you could teach me how?

Bagheera Yoga said...

Hi Jim,

I'm always pleased to share whatever I've learned on any subject. Maybe you can get a sewing machine on Falls Church freecycle?