Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

Each summer I try to go to Tassajara.  It is a beautiful valley deep in the Los Padres National Forest which is tended by the the San Francisco Zen Center Sangha. In the winter months Tassajara is a Zen Monastery. But during the summer outside guests are invited to enjoy the peace and calm abiding there.
The mornings are very special at Tassajara.  The sounds from the temple can be heard through the valley; bells, drums, people chanting. The first rays of light making their way over the mountain ridge into the valley floor create a sweet welcome for the arriving day.
The shift from cool night to warm day is swift - thus the boots and tea at my favorite morning spot.
This is the second year that I have co-lead a retreat with Dairyu Michael Wenger at Tassajara.  Here is our "Not One, Not Two" retreat group from the week of June 8-13th.

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