Friday, March 28, 2008

Picking up Jasper

Here we are at IAD at 6am this morning.  Curt is flying Jetblue to Boston for his Mom's birthday celebration.  I am flying Jetblue to Long Beach, CA. to pick up Jasper the Catahoula Leopard Dog.  Jasper initially belonged to my Mom and Jim. He then lived with my brother Jason's family for the last 18 months. And now he is coming to Washington, DC with me. Lucky me!
Here is the nice person at the kennel were I picked up Jasper today.  Isn't he a handsome boy?
Big time tired but still smiling.  Everything is going smoothly.
Jasper is enjoying his new bed atop the backseat cushion.  He is a happy traveler.
Staying at a Hotel 6 in Needles, CA tonight.  Here is the view.
This fellow gets a lot of second looks.  But he really doesn't pay attention to the admiration that he draws.
Night night...


sanderling said...

Lucky Jasper
Smiling travelers
Long drive.
Whose car?
Doubtful cats?

emily said...

It was so lovely to find these photos today. I woke up in a dark mood,but this just put a smile right on my face. I love rescues - and especially ones that travel over great distances. Wish I had a bowl of that soup right now. Also been reading about this breed of dog so if I ever get to meet him I will be patient and allow him to take his time, size me up and decide. (Sounds like what certain members of my family do anyway).

Safe journey home!