Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vegan MOFO Days 15 & 16 - this and that

Here is the zen sangha that I was making the granola for the night before.  We had 15 RSVP for a half day sit and 13 people show.  It was a nice full house (so to speak) but not crowded.  Nice to see the room being used in this way.  Reminds me of the adage - if you build it, they will come.  Our Sangha has been meeting in this space since 2004.  Washington DC is a very transient place but we seem to have a nice cross section of people; older and youngish, various countries of origin and economic spheres.  Something is working in this space and community supporting the dharma. 
Took a great deal of one pointedness to organize the above so Barking Dog and I had a simple dinner Saturday night.
This is store bought marinara with some good Chianti, red pepper flakes and cayenne reduced into it.  Barking Dog made the pesto (Arugula and garlic scapes back in March which we froze).  And the pretty pasta is called "Conchiglie"  which means conch shells.
Vegan bloggers are always posting silly photos of cats.  So here is mine.  Eeyore cooling off after spending some time in the heated kitty condo.
Today I got to see my dear friend and art teacher Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson in Frederick MD.  She was selling her paintings and prints at the SCHIFFERSTADT celebration in Frederick.  To the left you can see a painting she is currently working on of a woman in a bathtub with a dog laying on the bathmat beside the tub.  It is very fun!
The atmosphere was light hearted and fun at the Octoberfest including the ummpapa music in the tent a few hundred yards away from her art display.


marcia sandmeyer wilson of leonia nj said...

It was great to see you and eat your vegan granola candy! Two nice treats!

marcia sandmeyer wilson of leonia nj said...

It was great to see you and eat your oil granola candy

marcia sandmeyer wilson of leonia nj said...

Help ! How do I get to go away?