Monday, October 3, 2011

Vegan MOFO Day 3 - My Winter Secret - Black Twig Apples

Black Twig, an old Tennessee variety with a dark burgundy skin, was Andrew Jackson's favorite apple. It was introduced about 1830 as a seedling on the farm of Major Rankin Toole near Fayetteville, Tennessee. It became one of the popular dessert varieties in the 19th and early 20th century in Central Virginia orchards. It is not ripe until October, has a very crisp flesh that is both sweet and tart, and it gets better the longer you keep it--if cared for properly--almost until Spring. 

These are the apples that get me through the dark days of winter.  They look like plums but are amazingly long lasting in the frig.  If I only eat one a day, I might have enough in the produce bin to get to February.  Really amazing in flavor and texture.  Add a little soy yogurt and vegan granola and you have a gourmet breakfast.  We get these from farmer "Eric" from Country Pleasures Farm at the Dupont Circle Sunday Market in Washington DC.  Load up on them while you can!!!  


TRISTA said...

These look gorgeous! Are they crisp or soft? White on the inside? I just discovered ginger gold apples. I love them, but only super fresh because they go soft really fast. Now I know why I'd not seen them in grocery stores before. I don't think they last long.

Bagheera Yoga said...

Hi Trista,

This are super crisp and firm and keep for months and months in the frig, They are considered an heirloom apple since they are old tree stock. I've never seen them in a super market. The grocery stores so seldom have organically raised apples. It would be good to check with your local farmers market for a supplier.