Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vegan MOFO Day 11 - Bento Box

Today I had yoga classes to teach in downtown DC.  It isn't always easy to find vegan nourishment so I often take a Bento Box with my lunchtime food.  Today I am parked in a choice little nook table at the Starbucks on L Street NW.  I've a heavy duty "Starbucks" reusable beverage glass with straw.  When you provide a beverage container they give you .10c of the cost of the drink.  Or you could just refill the cup with yummy tea from home.  Starbucks always have good complimentary WIFI signal which is nice for catching up on email, Democracy Now and the Daily Show.
I got this little Bento Box in San Francisco's Japantown last March.  It was already discounted - but the sales lady wanted to be sure it would go home with me and took off another few dollars.  I think I spent $9.00 total with tax.  It has been a terrific buy.  I've used it so much since then and it still looks brand new!   And though it is a pretty red it is very green (sooo nice to be creating less trash).
It has two food compartments with lids.
Today the main course is a Vegan burrito filled with MOFO Day 9 tofu scramble, MOFO day 8 Bessara broad bean dip, earth balance margarine, taco sauce and avocado.
For dessert there is shortbread animal crackers, vegan marshmallows (MOFO Day 4) and Equal Exchange Fair Trade 67% Mint Chocolate.  All the makings for smores.  

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