Friday, October 28, 2011

Somethings cooking

Did I mention that I bought a bushel of sweet potatoes in a moment of insanity a few weeks ago?  Well, we have had them baked and in breakfast muffins thus far.  I've given lots away to friends and neighbors too.  Tomorrow I plan to make two sweet potato pies.  One to be consumed locally and one to take to the folks downtown at Occupy Washington DC.   

A neighbor insisted this book was mine at last Saturdays building wide yard sale.  She even refused the $3 dollars she'd marked to sell it for.  Humm.    
I like one of the toasts that the author included for Birthdays.  "May you live 100 years plus one to repent".  That just tickles me.

And...the book has the vegan sweet potato pie recipe that I've been hoping to find.  Vola!

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