Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday in Paris

I passed this dog in a retail shop both coming and going today.  He was just so sweet and friendly that I had to take a photo to show BD
Dog is retail shop along Rue Fontaine
Surprised to see this street name
A beautiful and unusual building along Cherche Midi
The fountain at St. Sulpice 
A very expressive Lion at the Saint Sulpice Fountain
Another Day of walking/wandering the city streets.  Crossed to the Left bank and found myself on Rue du Cherche Midi.  What a wonderful street this will be to return to with a broad range of shops  (housewares to tea to clothes).  I even found a great Organic food store "Bio Generation" where I bought an assortment of culinary herbs and seaweed gifts.  I also bought food for traveling tomorrow.

Found these fun pill cases at "Midi Couleurs"