Saturday, March 12, 2011

The big trip altered

Due to the earthquake in Japan on Thursday and the threat of more aftershocks we canceled the Asia part of the travels for now.  We've agreed to reschedule the trip for Fall 2011 or later.

Here is my treehouse room on Thursday night at Circle B&B
Yesterday, Friday - was a long day of checking other options - and trying to get refunds for flights.  Kaisa (my traveling companion) and I have decided to stay "in country" and see two places that our on our individual "bucket lists"; Graceland in Memphis TN and Key West FL.  And I still plan to go to Paris next weekend.

As I write this we are waiting to board a plan in Chicago bound for Memphis.

Yesterday was a beautiful Southern California day.  So I did get a few minutes in the heated Jacuzzi pool at Kaisa's apartment complex and laid for as long as I could stand it on the 200 needles of the acupuncture mat (the new rage in Finland).   We are calling it my asian spa treatment for the trip.  Ha Ha.  We've had to do alot of laughing given the situation with the aborted trip to Cambodia.  Both of us had gone to alot of trouble to make the time available and research the trip, get Cambodian visas etc.  Oh well! on we go for the next adventure!

Here is a photo that we had taken during our alfresco lunch yesterday.  Kaisa doesn't like - so please don't tell her it is here. Ssshh.

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