Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nikki Giovanni talk at Busyboys and Poets

Last night Barking Dog and I went to hear Nikki Giovanni give a talk and a reading from her recent collection of Poems "100 Best African American Poems" at Busyboys and Poets on 5th NW.  She was fabulous, witty, opinionated and adorable.  If there is a utube video of her talk-  go listen to it.  I will look and see if anyone posted something and link it from here.
A couple of points that stick with me which she made;
Get people out of prisons.  There should be other ways to keep track of where people are and to know what they are doing.
Stop watching shows about women who have been killed (i.e. just about all the evening televisions shows)
Having 150 friends is ridiculous.  Work on having 3-4 really good  friends.
Don't let anyone's criticism put you down.  Whether it is about your looks, your work, or your interests.
People having intercourse with people.  What is the big deal.  No big deal.  It is sex.  Get over it.
To women - never break a friendship because of a man.

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