Sunday, April 4, 2010

My New Garden Loom

This is my newly constructed garden loom made with Woodburn Hill Farm Grapevines and jute. I got the idea from Mary Janes Farm Magazine. The idea is to have a loom form in the garden that I or any of my friends or neighbors can add to as as a creative expression of our connection to each other and to beauty.

"it offers food and nesting materials for birds and butterflies. It evolves into an all-season living art form" - Margaret Kirk

Well will we see how it goes. So far it looks pretty nice!


Adirondack Metal Designs said...

Love your Garden Loom. I saw the one in the magazine and made one today too. used an old window frame and Twine leftover from bales of hay for the upright strings. I will take pics later in summer to show how it progressed. I am making a basket full of materials for people to use to help as they stop by. Fun!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am just thrilled to see that so many people are embracing this concept...and setting up looms outside ! Yeah!
Midge Kirk