Sunday, August 9, 2009

July Project - Refreshing the Studio/Zendo space

Upon returning from Tassajara with the help of friends I began the process of refreshing the studio/zendo. This entailed washing lots of blankets, windows, walls and floors. Moving the furniture around to apply two coats of tung oil to the heartwood pine floors. Many thanks to Francy, Amy and Elizabeth for their time and efforts.
The floor had not been treated with tung oil since originally laid about 10 years ago. It was beginning to show the signs of many persons and four leggeds coming and going. Below is the surface drying from the application of new oil.
With the bathroom doors closed, this might be a good new location for this cabinet. Waiting to see how the Feng Shui of it feels for a few days before deciding one way or the other.

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