Sunday, April 19, 2009


Friday I picked up my pre-ordered package of Georgia grown Italian Honeybees from Dave Polk at Free States Bees. Crucial to the endeavor was Dave's demonstration on how to place the queen and then the worker's into the hive.
Here is my bee-ing partner Frank suited up to move the bees.
Here I am in the process of adjusting the entrance reducer as the bees sort out how they like their new home.  All those little dots in the photo are the honey bees. 
Here is the beautiful setting in Southern Maryland where the bees will hopefully thrive!  There is a large fresh water pond just to the left of this picture.
In a few days I will check to see if the worker bees have accepted the queen.  I'm thinking we should name the queen bee.  So I'd like to have a contest to see who can come up with a great queen bee name.  Frank and I will pick the name that we deem the best for the queen at the end of April.  And the person who proposed the winning name will receive yummy meal prepared by me!  


sanderling said...

Uh, how about Queen Bea"?

Denise said...

Since they are Italian bees and since Dante (no mean Italian poet he) followed the queen of his heart through hell and into heaven, how about "Beatrice"? No drone could do better.

Or (another type of Italian royalty, this time one who sings) Aida?

Or for the sake of flower: Violetta?

Finally (for all those poor drones who die simply to be with her) Lucretia Borgia?

Bagheera Yoga said...

Here are a view that were email instead of placed on the comments here.

From my brother Eric: Fruity Bee-uty or Bee-atrice

From Suzie Van Pool: Alessandra (the defender or helper of mankind or Arabella (answered prayer).

From Frank: Latifa, Bea Gaddy (after the Baltimore Samaritan, or the Melissa (after the beekeeper lady in Starhawk's "The Fifth Sacred Thing).

Apuleius Platonicus said...

I'll vote for Melissa. I'm a Starhawk fan from way back when!
Curt (aka "Apuleius")

Bagheera Yoga said...

This came via email from Tom Cody "You could take one of the "root" feminine names, I suppose, like Eve, Ariel, Athena, Medusa, Circe. My small contribution is to suggest some names from my "mother tongue," Gaelige. They are: (1.) crainbheach, which means queen bee in Irish. Pronounced between "crannock" and "chronic" in English; (2.) mil, which means honey in Irish, and is pronounced just the way it looks, so it's something like the French word for "dame"; and (3.) banrion, which is the Irish word for queen, and is pronounced Bhanrrion.

Bagheera Yoga said...

these came via email from Katie Davis
Queen Busy Beesblossom
Queen Honey Dust
Queen Dolche Mia

Bagheera Yoga said...

Ann Campbell offered Beazle for a name.

Ann Finley offered Isabella and Elizabeth the III.

Bagheera Yoga said...

Andrea offered Queen bee-bop.

Bagheera Yoga said...

Abi Sheldon offers "Madhu" means the sweetness of honey in Sanskrit.

Bagheera Yoga said...

Janet Silva offered "Buzzbeeniyama (pronouced: buzby-niyama)"