Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 3 and 4

Day 3 took us through Texas and Oklahoma.  Below is the view at a rest stop in Texas.  While it looks somewhat desolate - in person it is very beautiful.
The driving route we took was Interstate Route 40.  The highway largely follows the famous Route 66 geography.  This is a beautifully preserved filling station in Shamrock Texas that we passed.
Gigantic energy collecting windmill farms are along the highway in both Texas and Oklahoma.  Some of them placed right in the middle of rice fields.
On day 4 we drove through Arkansas and most of Tennessee. This was the first drive-through Starbucks that I'd ever seen. It was a fine morning driving through Arkansas with a Soy Vanilla Latte to sip along the way.  Who would have thought Arkansas to be so civilized?
We found that the rest stops along the highway were really beautiful and well maintained.  Traveling with a dog I got to see many of them.  This is a particularly lovely stand of trees in Tennessee.
Well it had to happen.  Smokey pulled me over in Tennessee just outside of Memphis.  The state trooper had no cause other then I was driving a car with California plates.  After 30 questions, checking out my I.D. and car papers and evaluating my story about dog rescue he sent me on my way with a "you be careful" farewell.
How could the goofy dog story not be true?


sanderling said...

What story of a goofy dog with blue and brown eyes? Looks dangerous to me. No wonder you got pulled over.

Really cool that Texas has preserved a classic old gas station. Weird, but really cool -- they really *did* define travel out west back in the mid-20th. Figures, I suppose, that Texas would be the state to preserve one.

What's your ETA? When does Jasper go public?

Anonymous said...

I *love* the gas station!